Top 5 Bollywood Controversies that you should not miss out

Over the years, the Bollywood Film Industry has been the home of some of the biggest controversies the country has seen. The media productions have created a mountain of a molehill from these controversies and taken them to another level. Whether these controversies are because of actors and actresses genuinely falling in trouble with each other or doing things just for the sake of publicity, Bollywood has seen some strange and big controversies in its history.

Top 5 Bollywood Controversies that you should not miss out

Bollywood has been a place of fame and name, but it is also the place where the reputation of stars is spoilt when they are involved in any controversy. Here are the top 5 Bollywood controversies you should not miss out:

The Shahrukh Khan-Aamir Khan Fight

Shahrukh Khan Aamir Khan FightContrary to the popular belief, Shahrukh and Aamir Khan have been anything but friends over the years in the film industry. This popular Bollywood controversy aroused when both the actors started commenting about each other over the internet. The cold war between the two actors has turn into a big fight with none of the actors trying to make peace with the other. It was also reported that Aamir went to apologise to Shahrukh’s children who are apparently his biggest fans but the reports are yet to be confirmed.

Sonam Kapoor’s Middle Finger Remark

Sonam Kapoor’s Middle Finger RemarkSonam Kapoor created one of the popular Bollywood controversies when she openly criticised the censor board for removing a scene showing her middle finger in the movie ‘Players’. The actress openly said in a media interaction that she didn’t felt there was any need to remove the scene from the movie because showing the middle finger is a part of today’s youth. According to Bollywood news, the young and spontaneous actress said that she doesn’t care about censorship and only wants all the people to just come and watch her films.

Mallika Sherawat getting too excited for a Film Premiere

Mallika Sherawat getting too excited for a film premiereThe most controversial Bollywood actress, Mallika Sherawat is always surrounded by a number of controversies wherever she goes. From steamy scenes in her movies to hot and raunchy pictures of her over the social media, Mallika has created celebrity gossip with whatever she has done over the years. She dropped another bombshell when she wore an awkward looking dress to the premiere of the hit film ‘Inglorious Bastards’. The revealing outfit was stated as one of the worst outfits ever worn by an actress by fashion icons across the globe.

Gauhar Khan getting slapped on the Stage

Gauhar Khan getting slapped on the stageOne of the most controversial incident in Bollywood industry happened when Gauhar Khan, an actress, was slapped on the sets of a show by a popular TV Channel. The actress was in the act of hosting the popular show on the India Television when she was slapped by an over-agitated audience from the crowd. It was reported that Akil Malik, aged 24, took offence to the actress’ dress while hosting the show and jumped onto the stage and hit her. Akil was later quoted to be saying to Mumbai Police that, “Being a Muslim woman, she shouldn’t have worn a short dress.”


Shiney Ahuja-starrer movie SinsThe Shiney Ahuja starred movie ‘Sins’ was the most controversial Bollywood movie you would come across your life. The movie revolved around the incident where Shiney, who plays a Catholic Priest in the movie, is romantically associated with a young woman. The controversial storyline of the movie led to the movie being rejected by a number of leading channels from doing the promotions over their TV channels.

Final Thoughts

The film fraternity and controversies go hand in hand. News reports of fighting or publicity stunts by actors and actresses spread like a wildfire in the country dominated by people who want to know everything regarding the favourite heroes.

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