Facts about Rustom Movie, Nanavati Case, KM Nanavati & Prem Ahuja

The Akshay Kumar starer film ‘Rustom’ is one of the most anticipated movies of the year 2016.  The movie revolves around the sensational case story which was at the centre of an epic court case involving KM Nanavati and the Maharashtra State. The case was battled at the Bombay High Court. Let us talk a little deeper about the case and know some real life facts about Rustom movie.Rustom Movie poster

Rustom Movie Plot

The Rustom movie story is based on the real life incident of the former naval officer Kawas Manekshaw Nanavati. Also starring actresses – Esha Gupta and Ileana D’Cruz in the female lead roles, the movie shows how an officer lost his cool after finding out the man who had an affair with his wife decided against marrying her.

Story behind Nanavati Case

Nanavati real PhotosThe biggest question on everyone’s mind right now is ‘Who was KM Nanavati?’ and ‘What was Nanavati case?’ Nanavati was a decorated former naval commander.  He worked for the Indian navy back around the late 1950s. He was married with Sylvia Nanavati and the couple had three kids together. The Nanavati case was the inspiration behind the real story of Rustom movie. This case was famously named as the ‘Nanavati vs State of Maharashtra’ with a large number of people coming out in support of KM Nanavati.

The incident took place in 1959 when the tired Nanavati return home after a long day at work where he found his wife aloof and distant from the house. His wife, Sylvia, had an affair with another man Prem Ahuja. Sylvia started to have a suspicion that Prem didn’t actually want to marry her and she decided to tell everything about her relationship with Prem to Nanavati.

The question arises here is ‘Who was Prem Bhagwandas Ahuja?’ He was a long-time friend of KM Nanavati. Distraught with her wife’s confession, Nanavati still decided to take her and their kids to the cinema hall for a movie he promised. He left them outside the hall to go to his office to collect his Gun and confront Prem also. He headed straight to Prem’s office and when he couldn’t find him there, he decided to go to his house instead.

When in front of Prem, the only question Nanavati asked him was if he intended to marry his wife and adopt their children or not. On hearing a rude negative reply from Prem, Nanavati shot Prem thrice from close range and he died on the spot. Nanavati headed straight back to the Western Naval Command and on the advice of Provost Marshall he surrendered to the Deputy Commissioner of Police.

Facts about Rustom Movie

Here are some of the facts about Rustom film:

  • The movie marks the debut of actor Akshay Kumar as a Naval Office for the first time in his career.
  • The warships which are used in the shooting of the film are the actual warships Indian Navy used back in the 1950s.
  • The writer of the film, Vipul K Rawal is an ex-navy person himself. He did the all-important job of teaching Akshay everything about the Navy to prepare better for the role.
  • Vipul sold the rights of the movie first to John Abraham but after he decided not to make the movie, Vipul decided to sell the rights to Neeraj Pandey and his Friday Filmworks production banner.
  • This is not one of the first films based on Nanavati Case. In fact, we already have the movies such as ‘Ye Raaste Hain Pyar Ke’ & ‘Achanak’ which were also based on the same incident.

Facts about KM Nanavati

  • KM Nanavati belonged to a Parsi community in Maharashtra and married an English woman Sylvia.
  • KM Nanavati was one of the most patriotic persons around Indian Navy in 1959. Also, he had no previous criminal background and willingly surrendered to the Deputy Commission of Police after the incident which led to Prem’s death.
  • Nanavati was gaining popularity in the country. Huge rallies were organised to ask for his release from jail with a number of people participating.
  • Nanavati was a close aid of Nehru and Gandhi in the 1940-50s.

Kawas Manekshaw Nanavati (KM Nanavati Real Photos)

Facts about Prem Ahuja

  • Prem Bhagwandas Ahuja was a long-time friend of KM Nanavati.
  • Prem’s affair with Sylvia had a lot of promise in the initial stages. According to reports, the two were together for over a year without Nanavati knowing anything about them.
  • Prem was never interested in marrying Sylvia and talked about marrying other women to her which made her doubt his commitment.

Facts about Sylvia Nanavati

  • Sylvia met KM Nanavati back in 1949 in England while on his duties.
  • The couple had three children together to their name.
  • Sylvia used to be lonely whenever Nanavati went for his trips which brought her close to Prem. She dreamt of leaving Nanavati and marrying Prem when her dreams were shattered by Prem’s refusal to marry her even after an affair of over a year long.

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