Top 5 Highest Paid Singers in Bollywood who the Heartthrob of Audiences

There is nothing better than the ability to make your passion as your profession. What’s even better than that is being paid an abnormally high for following your passion in the Bollywood industry. A singer is the one who can take a composer’s song to the next level. So, here we will help you find out the best singers of Bollywood who are paid a decent amount for their talent.

Top 5 Highest Paid Singers in Bollywood

Each singer in the Bollywood industry has created a good fan following for them across the country. Their songs are instant hits in their fan’s eyes. If you are wondering how much your favorite singer is paid for each song then here are the top 5 highest paid singers in Bollywood:

YoYo Honey Singh (Rs. 15 Lakhs per song)

Yo Yo Honey Singh HD WallpapersHoney Singh is currently a sensation in the music industry. The Dubai-based rapper commands the biggest fan following among all the singers in the country presently. His fanbase eagerly wait for his songs to release and help him to churn out hit music songs every time. All this has helped to make him the highest paid singer in Bollywood industry. The singer currently charges Rs. 15 Lakh for every song he sings in a movie which looks like a bargain when compared to the fact that almost all his songs turn out to be superhits.

Arijit Singh (Rs. 13 Lakhs per song)

Arijit Singh HD ImagesThe heartthrob of the music industry, Arijit Singh is currently amongst the highest paid singers in Hindi film industry. Arijit puts his heart and soul in all of his songs which help him to connect better with his fans across the country. The versatile playback singer is giving out hits after hits with his every song in the film industry, winning a number of awards at various functions for his singing abilities. He currently charges anything between Rs. 12-13 lakhs for a song in a film.

Mika Singh (Rs. 11 Lakhs per song)

Mika Singh WallpapersMika Singh, the versatile singer, composer and song-writer are one of the highest paid Bollywood singers currently in the industry. Mika is able to attract fans to his music with his unique singing style and currently asks anything around Rs. 11 lakhs for his services in a film. Mika brings a joy and energy to most of his songs which no one else in the music industry can match up to. He usually stays away from what we call as orthodox singing style and usually sings his songs how he wants to sing them.

Sunidhi Chauhan (Rs. 9 Lakhs per song)

Sunidhi Chauhan Sexy PhotosAlso among the top 5 highest paid Bollywood singers is Sunidhi Chauhan. The versatile singer has a very soothing and charming voice which uplifts even the best of songs to a new level. Sunidhi is the highest paid female singer in the Bollywood with average fees of a Bollywood singer around Rs. 9 lakhs for a song in every film. The melody queen in the Bollywood, her professionalism and dedication to her passion is unmatched and unrivalled in the music industry.

Atif Aslam (Rs. 8 Lakhs per song)

Atif Aslam HD PhotosComing from Pakistan, Atif Aslam has made a huge name in the Bollywood film industry with his soulful singing, which is no small feat by any means. As his fans know him, Atif is a rockstar in his own rights with the ability to win a number of hearts across the country with his songs. Having churned out hits such as ‘Pehli Nazar mei’, ‘Aadat’, ‘Kuch iss Tarah’ and much more, Atif charges anything around Rs. 8 lakhs per song in the movie making him among the top Bollywood singers with highest pays.

Final Thoughts

A song is the heart and soul of a film. It is widely known by the producers and directors alike that having a good singer to sing a song can elevate your movie to new heights and that is why they are ready to pay high fees to these singers who command a lot of fans in the country presently.

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