Top 5 Hollywood Actress who Married Non Actors and are Blessed with Kid(s)

It must be very hard to imagine that celebrities turning away from the red-carpet to find the loves of their lives. Usually, top Hollywood actors and actresses dated each other inside the industry to always stay in the limelight. However, few of them also choose to go down the less trodden path of marrying someone outside of the industry and spending their whole life with them. In this piece of content, we will discuss some of the best Hollywood actresses who walked out of the industry to choose their better half.

Hollywood Actress Who Married Non Actors

Hollywood industry is completely filled with charm and beauty. People often rumor about the celebrity couples linking up to each other and splitting. There are many who choose to move out of the glamorous world and choose their better half outside the industry. Here are the top 5 Hollywood actress who married non actors.

Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth

Reese Witherspoon & Jim TothOne of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses to ever grace the industry, Reese was a shining star. However, she was never interested in being with someone in the industry much. She was dating Jim Toth, a professional talent agent, in 2009 but the couple went public with their relationship after some time. The duo came together when a friend of Toth decided to spend a whole evening hitting and flirting with Witherspoon after being drunk. Jim arrived in time to rescue Reese and timely apologized for his friend’s rudeness. The couple announced their engagement in December 2010 and married each other on 26th March 2011. They have been blessed with a young son Tennessee James Toth born on 27th September 2012.

Julia Roberts & Danny Moder

Julia Roberts & Danny ModerJulia Roberts joined the list of Hollywood actresses who married non actors when she held a surprise wedding ceremony on 4th July 2002 at Robert’s New Mexico Ranch. Moder, who was a cameraman, met Roberts when the leading lady of many a Hollywood films was shooting the film ‘The Mexican’ in 2000. Danny was already married to makeup artist Vera Steimberg but the couple divorced over Danny’s growing closeness to Julia. Julia was always tight-lipped about her relationship. Even the guests at her wedding were invited to celebrate American Independence Day where they were treated to the surprise marriage ceremony at midnight.

Meryl Streep & Don Gummer

Meryl Streep & Don GummerStreep, a top Hollywood actress, was introduced to Gummer, a sculptor by her brother Harry and duo instantly hit off. Currently married for over thirty-eight years, it is one of the Hollywood’s longest lasting marriages ever. Like any other couple, there were rumors of affairs which made things rocky between the duos but their relationship survived the rough patch. The couple married each other in a quiet ceremony in 1978 and waited almost a year to celebrate the reception with their friends.

Marcia Cross & Tom Mahoney

Marcia Cross & Tom MahoneyThe couple first met each other at a Los Angeles flower shop when Marcia left her phone number for Mahoney at the front counter. Marcia, the actress known for her role in ‘Desperate Housewife’, married Tom, a stockbroker, on 24th June 2006.  Tom was under risk during his treatment of Cancer back in January 2009 but is said to have fully recovered now. Since marriage, the couple has started their own family which also includes two baby girls – Savannah and Eden.

Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman

Elizabeth Banks and Max HandelmanIf there was ever a love story which had a happy ending, it was the one involving Elizabeth Banks, one of the top Hollywood heroines and Max Handelman, a sportswriter and producer. The pair first met way back in 1992 at University of Pennsylvania on their first day at school and dated throughout the college and after graduation life. It was only in 2003 when Max, after 10-year dating with Elizabeth, decided to pop the question to her and she instantly replied in affirmative. The couple soon married and has two children together – Both of them were born via surrogacy.

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