Top 5 Mobile Apps to Listen Songs Online – The Dhinchaak Mobile Applications

Gone are the old days where you actually went out to a store or a music shop to buy your music playlist. With the advent of technology, the music industry has gone from selling physical copies of music files to providing you with the ability to download and stream any music you want from the internet. The online music streaming is getting stronger day-by-day. The market is full of free music apps which allow you to listen to songs anywhere you want.

Top Mobile Apps to Listen to Songs Online

Now, you don’t have to download all the songs to listen to them as you can also stream them over the apps too. Here are the top 5 mobile apps to listen songs online.


One of the best smartphone apps to listen songs online is Saavn. The app is referred as the Desi Version of the very popular app ‘Spotify’. Besides providing a great collection and variety of Bollywood songs under a single place, this app also allows you to create, share and play playlists on your device. The users don’t have to buy the songs from Saavn as they are available to them for listening any time they want across the internet. The app is available for free-of-cost. You can download it from both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.


Dhingana is one of the best music streaming apps across the country. This app provides the users with different regional song choices from Assamese to Urdu and more. You can find all the latest Bollywood songs on the app. The app offer all its users will 100% legal free music streaming across their smartphones. The app is available on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Symbian, and BlackBerry. The app provides you with options to create your own playlist according to your favorite singer, album or movie name.


Another great mobile app to listen music is Hungama’s MyPlay app. Hungama prides itself as the country’s top publisher, developer, and distributor of entertainment content across Bollywood and other languages and cultures. Available for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry Users, the MyPlay app allows you to listen to any song type you want to on the app. The app is also fitted with an integrated music player of its own which allows you to watch a video or listen to songs without the need to download them on your device physically.

We Are Hunted

We are Hunted is one of the best free music apps available across the internet today. The app allows you to discover all the latest music across the world. You can discover the latest music, get unlimited access to international content, check out a number of independent artists across the globe and reach new audiences. The app updates its content in real-time so that you don’t miss out on an upcoming talent from across the world. This app provides you with top 99 music charts of the week which you can sort according to year, month, week or day to get the possible results for yourself. There is no need to download any song onto your smartphone as you can stream them live from the app itself. The app is widely considered to be the best mobile apps to listen music online.


Another top mobile app to play music is the Winamp media player which is only available for the Android devices currently. The app provides you with playback for the user loaded music files and also provides you with the accessibility to a number of internet radio stations with the help of Shoutcast. You can also listen to high-quality international music from some of the top artists across the globe free of charge.

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