Top 5 Most Controversial Indian Television Actresses: The TV Drama Queens

TV celebrities and controversies go hand-in-hand. When you are in the public’s eye, news about you isn’t far away from the people who adore you. Each and every step you take, media is always there to cover each moment. Most Celebrities choose to ignore the media attention, but few personalities aren’t able to do so. This most often leads the celebrities into controversies. Although controversies can surround anyone, most of the times Indian television actresses have found themselves at the end of controversies. Here are the top 5 most controversial television actresses.

Most Controversial Actresses from Indian Television Industry

The Indian television industry is full of entertainment, drama, fights, and controversies. A number of actresses often fall in the controversies. Whether it is a wardrobe malfunction or cat fights, the television actresses are seen in controversies most of the times.

Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant HD ImagesThe controversy’s favorite child, Rakhi Sawant is never too far away from controversies. Always in the news for her alleged antics, media personals have kept a close eye on the controversial actress: looking for any signs of controversies. From the alleged kiss with Mika Singh at his birthday party to regularly dropping controversial comments over the air –Rakhi Sawant has proven herself time and time again as one of the most controversial TV actress of all time.

Kashmeera Shah

Kashmeera Shah Hot ImagesAnother hugely controversial figure, Kashmeera Shah is never too shy away from the news itself. The hot television actress is always in the news due to her over-eagerly public display of affection with her beau Krushna Abhishek, the nephew of Bollywood icon Govinda. The versatile actress has time and time again made many controversial statements on various news outlets – most sensational of which was claiming that her dog loves her move than her boyfriend and openly talking about one night stands with interviewing journalists.

Dolly Bindra

Dolly Bindra Photos HDA well-known TV actress, Dolly Bindra shot to fame as one of the most controversial TV actresses during her stint in the popular TV show, ‘Bigg Boss Season 4’. She dared picked up fights with all of her housemates on the show and even abused all of them in the foulest of languages you will ever heard on your TV screens. She was also thrown out of the house for hitting Shweta Tiwari on the show but later made a re-entry into the house as a wildcard entry with the help of Audience’s votes.

Dimpy Ganguly

 Dimpy Ganguly Hot WallpapersAnother woman who makes our list of most controversial television actress is the ex-wife of Rahul Mahajan, Dimpy Ganguly. The TV star was first seen on the TV Screens when she appeared on the show ‘Rahul Dulhania Le Jaayega’ where she went on to win the show and Rahul Mahajan’s heart and ended up marrying him on a Swayambar conducted on the show. Despite marrying to much fanfare on TV, the couple split up over the coming years with Dimpy accusing Rahul of physically assaulting her during the marriage.

Gauhar Khan

Gauhar Khan Indian LookGauhar was always in the news through one controversy or the other. She was in the news for her affair with then-boyfriend Kushal Tandon in the ‘Bigg Boss season 7’. Despite profoundly announcing her relationship across the world through the show’s medium, the couple was involved in a high-profile split that spread to hurling abuses and unnecessary taunts on various social media platforms. Gauhar was also involved in a controversy when the Indian TV star was slapped while hosting a popular Indian TV Music Reality show by a guy who claimed that she was wearing too short clothes which were not permitted in their religion.

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