7 Must See Hollywood Movies for Animal Lovers: Best Films featuring Animals

Movies are the most effective ways by which we can communicate a social message to our societies. When it comes to animals, there is some brilliant work by some of the famous directors which gives an ecstatic and euphoric experience. These movies aim to bring us closer to the animals and tell us lot about their behavior, how they feel, what they think about us, what they expect from us and our society, etc. However, the list of animal movies in Hollywood is very big but only some of the movies do justice to their movie titles.

Best Hollywood Movies Featuring Animals

All these movies featuring animals will surely entertain you and give you a heart touching experience of lifetime. Most importantly this will let you know about their innocence and the love these creatures possess for human. There had been numerous animal or pet related movies throughout the globe but below are 7 must see Hollywood movies for animal lovers or pet lovers.List of Animal Movies in Hollywood


This was a film directed by Chris Noonan in the year of 1995. The movie had a real good filmography, script and beautifully crafted special effects. This story is about a young pig who dreams to be a sheep pig. The movie also portrayed a duck named Ferdinand and a dog named Fly who were his friends. They inspire and motivate him and made him realize that he has all the inner making to be a sheep pig of all time.

Marley and Me

This is another legendry work from David Frankel. The amazing story is all about a couple named John and Jenny Grogan. This couple was planning to have a kid when a Labrador puppy comes into their life. This small cute pup irritated them but over the time it made them realized they he actually brought out the best in them. This is one of those great movies every animal lover must see.

Free Willy

We humans connect a lot with emotions and this is one such heart touching movie that connects us to our conscience. This movie is about the beautiful bond between a teenage boy and a killer whale. Willy who was actually an Orca Whale was neglected and misunderstood by everybody except the teenage orphan boy. The wonderful bond between them will not just amaze you but will also make you cry. This film has been directed by Simon Wincer. Among all animal movies for kids, this is one of the best animals film.

My Dog Skip

This is one of the many films you must watch if you are an animal lover. This has been directed by Jay Russel. The story goes back during the times of world war two. It’s about a 9 years old boy and his beautiful relationship with his young Jack Russel Terrier. This dog teaches the boy about love, loyalty and the great bond between a father and son.

Born Free

This is one of the best animal movies of all time. An evergreen film directed by James Hill and Tom McGowan. This is an aged old film but so young since it is based on a true story. It’s about a family of George and Joy Adamson who kept a lion as a pet at their home in Kenya. Elsa, the lioness was released in the wild when fully grown instead of being caged in zoo. This movie shows the great bonding between a king of the wild and the human when exposed to love.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

The Japanese film, Hachiko Monogatari one of the best Hollywood movies featuring animals was released in the year 1987. Later this film was made by director Lasse Hallstrom in Hollywood and released in the year 2006. It based on a true story. The story speaks about an abandoned dog and a college professor who takes the animal for himself. The movie later tells about the beautiful bond between the dog and the professor.

Old Yeller

It is a mesmerizing film especially for those who ever had owned a dog as pet. This speaks about the beautiful relation that exists between a young boy and his pet dog. You will be touched if ever you had a pet dog. It is one of the must watch Hollywood movies for every dog lover out there.

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