What are the Positive and Negative Impacts of Movies on Youth: Effects of Cinema

A movie is a form of entertainment that enacts a story by sound and a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement. There are different genres of movies such as suspense thriller movies, action movies, adventure, horror, drama, fantasy and the list goes on. Not only do movies have the power to influence the thinking of the people and have changed the society and social trends, but also have positive and negative impacts on today’s youth.

Pros and Cons of Movies

Everything has its lighter and darker side and its own pros and cons. Movies play a big role in the development of the society. Besides providing entertainment, movies educate and inform viewers of various social aspects, one disadvantage being that movies are often an unrealistic portrayal of life.The impacts of movies on youth is huge and is as discussed below.Effect of Cinema on Youth, Pros and Cons of Movies on Society

Positive Impact of Movies on Youth

Inspire Us

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a movie that not only entertains but also inspires us. Movies inspire today’s youth in more than ways one can imagine. There are films that inspire us to be brave, loyal, determined, insightful, and other virtues which make us positive minded. An inspirational movie will remind you that every day is another day, to get up, venture into the world and make a difference.


Movies are a popular source of entertainment and today’s youth find it a great way of recreation which is an important part of our life. The moment we indulge in watching a movie, we enter a new world and forget all our worries and also our mind is at ease. Watching a movie helps in socialization which brings together all genres of people even if they have different views about the movie.

Source of Information

One of the biggest positive impacts of films on society is they educate us about various disciplines like history, culture, science, technology and a lot more. Movies can serve as a good medium of education and instruction. Since today’s youth is greatly influenced from watching movies, it is believed that a visual medium is a better mean of education as we tend to retain information for a long time.

Negative Impacts of Movies on Youth

Bad Influence

There is no denying of the fact that movies today show a lot of violence than ever before which has a bad effect on the mental make-up of youth. Today’s youth are greatly influenced by such violent movies and try to act on it among friends and family. Sometimes, they end up being dishonest, commit illegal activities and this is one of the main negative impacts of cinema in our life.

Waste of Time and Money

Majority of the movies are not really worth watching but we still watch them. This is because of appealing posters, trailers, publicity, and other marketing strategies. This is done to earn a profit. The movie may not be that good but it is the package that lures us. What the youth doesn’t realize is that they are just wasting their time, money and efforts on something which isn’t worth it.


Addiction comes in many forms and one of that is watching movies all the time which has its ill effects on people – their mental and physical health. Today’s youth pay more attention to movies than any other thing. The addiction is so much that they tend to watch movies which may not be of their interest. Sometimes the addiction is so much that we tend to watch movies that we have already seen.


The role of movies on family relation is significantly high. It can range from making up and breaking up a relation since they play a long term effect in the mind of the people. The underlying point is that watch only quality movies and certain steps should be taken to see that only good instructive films are made and not trash presentations to cater to cheap taste.

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