Top 5 Bollywood Actress who Committed Suicide: Unlock the Reasons Behind Their Suicide

Bollywood celebrities certainly live a life king size. From lavish houses, farmhouse, luxury cars, fame, they have everything you wish to have in your life. However, not all make it to the top of the pile. There are few celebrities who live in the constant pressure to succeed and sometimes this pressure is something which they are not able to handle. Even those who are on the top of the creamy layer find this pressure a lot to digest.  We provide you with the list of top 5 Bollywood actresses who committed suicide.

Top 5 Bollywood Actress who Committed Suicide

The problems and hardships in life can create worst situations for a celebrity or a normal person. Only a few brave hearts can handle the pressure to face difficult times in life. There are few who might find it difficult and take a wrong step like suicide. So, we provide you with this list of Bollywood actresses who committed suicide early before the God’s call.

Silk Smitha

Silk Smitha - Bollywood actress who committed suicideProbably the most high-profile case of a Bollywood actress suicide was that of the hot & bold actress Silk Smitha. Silk, the hot Bollywood Actress, rose from a humble beginning to reach superstardom, thanks in no small part to her bold scenes in most of her movies. She was the one who coined the term “item number” and gave essence to it. However, the actress from South India was found dead at her residence on 23rd September 1996 after hanging herself from a ceiling fan. A couple of reasons were given for her suicide with a troubled life, financial crisis, failed love life and a regular dose of alcohol being prominent.

Pravin Babi

Parveen Babi - Bollywood actress who committed suicidePraveen Babi was another top Bollywood actress who committed suicide. She was one of the most glamorous and elegant actresses Bollywood had witnessed in their golden era. It is a sad truth that the leading lady of a lot of yesteryears high profile movies was in the news for her affairs with married men rather than for her acting prowess. Praveen Babi was found dead in her home which was believed to be the case of suicide as her house was found locked when she died. However, many still believed she died rather due to Diabetes.

Nafisa Joseph

Nafisa Joseph - Bollywood actress who committed suicideA big name in the fashion industry, Nafisa was the Miss India Universe pageant winner in the year 1997 and also reached the semi-finals of the Miss Universe pageant in the same year. She successfully transmitted her career path from modeling to a successful radio jockey & actress. She was seen in a short cameo in the super hit movie ‘Taal’. However, tragedy struck soon on 29th July 2004 when she was found dead at her flat in Mumbai. It was reported that she had committed suicide by hanging herself. However, the reasons for her death are still not known.

Varsha Bhosle

Varsha Bhosle - Bollywood actress who committed suicideThe daughter of the world renowned legend Mrs. Asha Bhosle and the niece of Mrs. Lata Mangeshkar, Varsha Bhosle died in the year 2012 when she apparently shot herself dead. Varsha even tried to commit suicide four years ago before her death in 2012. The major cause for her suicide was believed to be her troubled and rough marriage life.

Jiah Khan

Jiah Khan - Bollywood actress who committed suicideQuite recently, Jiah Khan’s suicide sent shockwaves across the whole Bollywood fraternity. Jiah was just 25 years old at that time but was well known in the film industry thanks to her high profile movies including ‘Ghajini’ and ‘Housefull’. However, tragedy struck her family when she was found dead at her home on June 3, 2013. She committed suicide by hanging herself to the wall ceiling. According to reports, the Bollywood Actress left behind a suicide note in which she mentioned her tumultuous relationship with budding actor Sooraj Pancholi to the reason for her suicide.


Bollywood has witnessed a number of film actresses who committed suicide over the years. Most of them were a case of not being able to handle the pressure of a personal and glamour life simultaneously. However, this articles details you about a few Bollywood actresses who committed suicide due to a troubled life and being unable to handle the pressure of living in the limelight.

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