Top 5 Hollywood Actress who had a divorce Twice: Hollywood Female Celebrity Enjoying Third Marriage

They say that a marriage between two people should be a match made in heaven with the marriage lasting a lifetime. But things in Hollywood don’t always end up like the one taught to us. Their reference to the word “I Do” is usually meant as “I Do…. For now only”. The celebrities in this list have been married a combined 13 times and there have been 10 divorces till date. Here is your top 5 Hollywood actress who had a divorce twice.

Top 5 Hollywood Actress who had a divorce Twice

Marriage is the bond between two hearts. Sometimes we just listen to temporary vibes produced by our heart and marry a person who is not made for us. Sometimes, marriages even fail due to misunderstanding. We must try to preserve our marriages, but sometimes our ego becomes bigger than anything else and divorce happens. Here, we will present you with the list of top 5 Hollywood divas who had a divorce twice.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore Sexy ImagesThe descendant of the Barrymore family, Drew is one of the most versatile actress, author, producer and director in the Hollywood Film Industry. She had a turbulent childhood with reported cases of drugs and alcohol. Although, Drew is currently happy in her marriage with Will Kopelman since the past 4 years, but she had been divorced twice before. Drew married Jeremy Thomas with whom her marriage lasted just over 1 year in 1994-95 and later on had a 4-year marriage with Tom Green in 2001-04.

Halle Maria Berry

Halle Maria Berry Bikini PhotosHottest Hollywood actress, Halle Maria Berry is also one of that unfortunate Hollywood actress who had a divorce twice. The versatile actress, director, and producer Halle Maria Berry was one of the highest paid actresses in the Hollywood film fraternity. However, her personal life was not a bed of roses for her. She was also involved in 2 failed marriages, first to former Baseball Player, David Justice and the other to R&B/Soul Singer, Eric Benet. However, life has come full circle to the beautiful actress having married a third time to French Actor Oliver Martinez.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum PhotoshootHailing from Germany, Heidi is a successful Model, TV Host, Businesswomen, fashion designer, producer and an actress. She is rated as one of the hottest Hollywood actress but unfortunately, like others on this list, he has also been on the wrong end of failed Marriages. 1997 was probably the best year for Heidi, she received her first Victoria’s Angel secret wings and married to stylist Ric Pippino with whom the marriage lasted around 6 years with the pair divorcing in 2002. She however once again found love in Seal and married him 2005. However, as things were meant to be, they both split in the year 2014.

Patricia Arquette

Patricia Arquette Sexy PhotosThe actress from ‘A Night on the Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors’ is also among the list of actresses from Hollywood who had a divorce twice. A successful career in front of the camera was accompanied by a turbulent life behind the reel. Her marriage to beau Nicolas Cage in 1995 was definitely the first for both of them and sure-shot it wasn’t their last also. The Couple parted ways after a 6-year marriage after which the versatile actress went on to marry actor Thomas Jane in 2005. That marriage also didn’t last long as the couple split after 5 years in 2011.

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet Titanic PhotosThe famous ‘Titanic’ star is an English-born actress and singer. He has been awarded various awards throughout her distinguished career including the BAFTA Awards, Academy Awards, Four Golden Globes and an Emmy Award. Winslet also had the distinguish of being an actress from Hollywood who had a divorce twice as she married film director Jim Threapleton for 4 years between 1998-2001 and have a daughter, named Mia. After separation from Jim, Kate married Sam Mendes in a marriage that lasted 8 years spanning 2003-11. Currently, she is married for the third time with Ned Rocknroll with whom she is blessed with a boy, Bear in the year 2013.


If you thought the lives of your favorite Hollywood actresses are always glamorous and easy, it is not always the case. Behind every smile they put the camera, there are hardships faced across their personal lives as illustrated by these Hollywood actresses who had a divorce twice in their lives.

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