Top 5 Hollywood Actresses who Went Nude on Screen: The Women who Never-Mind to Show Their Assets to the World

Sometimes, it is the demand of the script and others maybe not. But today, most Hollywood actresses who are comfortable in their skin readily approve to appear nude in most films. Some women celeb might choose to use special effects or body double but few dare to appear nude in front of the cameras. Today, we bring you with the top 5 Hollywood Actresses who went nude on screen.

Top 5 Hollywood Actresses who Went Nude on Screen

The world is moving at rapid pace and women are coming up doing the things that no one ever expected from a woman. But as the time has changed, most of the women have adopted a bold character and are ready to challenge men in every field. Here we bring you the top 5 Hollywood actresses who dared to appear nude in front of cameras.

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet topless PhotosWho could possibly forget that epic scene from the movie ‘Titanic’ where Kate Winslet appeared nude in front of Leonardo Dicaprio to sketch a picture of her? She was one of the most famous Hollywood actresses who went nude on screen. Although the bold move has been embarrassing enough for her as she has to end up signing autographs for her beloved fans on the still image of that beautifully depicted scene from the movie. Later on, the actress also showed off her body in the movies like – ‘The Reader’ and ‘Little Children’ too.

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz Hot PhotosAnother Hollywood actress who went nude on screen is Penelope Cruz. The hot Hollywood actress from Spain is extremely comfortable showing her skin. She has readily appeared nude in most of her films. ‘Jamon’ was one of her such films where she first appeared nude in front of the camera and had captivated the minds of her fans and other regular movie-goers. This film brought her to the limelight of the world but more for her acting skills rather than for the bold scene. Being too comfortable in shedding her clothes for the camera, the Spanish beauty has also appeared without clothes for other movies such as ‘Twice Born’ and ‘Elegy’.

Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci Bed ScenesThe beauty from Italy is the Hollywood actress who went without clothes on the screen a number of times than any other actress on this list. In fact, she has openly confessed to media a number of times that she is very comfortable in her skin and is not against showing nudity on the big screen. She feels that every woman should be proud of her body and she isn’t afraid to bare it all in front of the cameras if the script demands it. Her most famous movies where she has appeared nude in front of the cameras include ‘Malena’ and ‘Irreversible’.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway Hot ImagesThe leading lady from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is also another Hollywood actress who showed her body on the screen when she dared to strip it all off for the movie ‘Love’ and ‘Other Drugs’ released in the year 2007. In fact, this movie featured a number of her nude scenes where she was confident enough to carry and show off her toned body. She has claimed in front of the media that doing nude scenes doesn’t make her nervous which are accompanied by the fact that she has appeared nude in a number of films including ‘Havoc’ and ‘Rachel Getting Married’.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Sexy PhotosThe ‘Original Sin’ actress is one of the top actresses from Hollywood who went nude on screen. She is bold enough to carry her nude body off in front of the cameras as demonstrated by the fact that she has appeared nude eight times in different movies throughout her career. She seems unfazed while performing a nude scene in front of the camera with confidence oozing from her body language. Some of her famous movies in which she has appeared without clothes include ‘Cyborg’, ‘Cyborg 2’, ‘The Original Sin’, ‘Gia’ and ‘Mojove Moon’ among others.


Appearing nude in front of the camera is not an easy task. It requires a large amount of confidence, self-belief and a body language which doesn’t allow the scene to look vulgar. All the celebrities mentioned in this list are some of the top Hollywood actresses to be born and to do nude scenes with such ease were a recommendable achievement.

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